I am a Game Artist/ Concept Artist whose practice is built upon a strong understanding of Visual Aesthetics. I have always been captivated by the ability of New Media experiences to transport their audiences into unimaginable situations, this fascination propelled me to pursue a career in creating these immersive experiences. I have been involved with New Media practices for over 6 years now and in this time have adapted to the requirements of varying projects to provide Concept Art, Game Art, UI/UX design, 3D Characters, Environments, Textures (UV mapping) and Animations. Through my primary training in mathematics and physics, along with advanced studies in painting, sculpting, software studies and model making I have acquired an in-depth understanding of 2D and 3D Art, this helps me in creating a variety of Digital Art and Design styles today. As a New Media Artist/ Designer, my focus is to produce works that are unparalleled and add uniqueness to projects.




Abyssal – A horror, exploration, adventure, survival 2.5D game

Logo & Poster design

Role: Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Level Designer, Game Artist


Ego Cure – A short virtual Reality Film

Ego Cure poster

Role: CGI Artist, Concept Artist


Drone Hunt – A clone of “Duck Hunt”, a first person light shooting 2D game in VR

drone hunt1

Role: Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Game Artist


Email : uzairamjad21@gmail.com
Phone: +358469311290